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Max-Weber-Schule in Gießen

Our school,which is divided into three sections, comprises a vocational school, a business school and a college of further education. Max-Weber-Schule is located in Giessen, a university town with about 80,000 inhabitants approximately 60 kilometers north of Frankfurt/Main. There are 1,900 students and 70 teachers.

The vocational training is based on part-time education within the dual system and includes a wide range of subjects: banking, insurance, tourism, public administration, clerical work.

The apprentices attend vocational school (Berufsschule) twice a week and are usually taught from 7.50 a.m. to 12.50 p.m. to receive the necessary theoretical background for their practical work. Timetables also include general subjects such as English, German, Politics, and Physical Education. Growing emphasis is meanwhile placed on Information Technology including a variety of different applications, e.g. Microsoft Office, internet browsers, e-mail systems.

At the beginning of their apprenticeship most students are between 17 and 19 years of age, although some are younger or older. Many have passed their A-level examination or have an equivalent qualification for tertiary-level education, although this differs from profession to profession.

The so-called "Fachoberschule" provides younger students at the age of 16 with the chance of continuing their secondary education, i.e. Year 11 and Year 12. Our two main fields are "Business and Administration" and "Information Technology". In the first year students attend classes for two days a week. The rest of the week they do business-related work placements. In the second year they are full-time students at the school and take their final exams in Business Studies, Information Technology, Economics, German, Mathematics, and English.

The school-leaving certificate (Fachhochschulreife) would allow students to go on to a University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule) and later to enrol in Bacherlor and Master degree programs at regular universities, but most students prefer to do an apprenticeship within the dual system.

Finally, there is the Business College (Fachschule für Betriebswirtschaft), which offers both full-time and part-time courses . Students have to meet the following entrance requirements: 1) successfully completed apprenticeship in the business sector; 2) at least two years of work experience in their field.